NEVAC involves nine school districts which sponsor approximately 80 different high school professional/technical classes. Juanita High School, as part of the Lake Washington School District, is eligible to participate in the NEVAC program. JHS, as part of NEVAC, also hosts several of these classes. If you are a “Rebel,” you will register for NEVAC classes at JHS as you would for any other JHS class offering. Other NEVAC classes are located at different high schools, operate during the regular school day, and will need a special registration process. Some of these classes, as well as the ones at JHS, may be “Tech Prep,” which means that it may be possible for you to earn college credit. Look for the ribbon symbol signifying Tech Prep eligibility.

Grade Level: JHS students must be of junior standing (12 credits or more) to participate. If in question, talk to your counselor.

Length: Classes are year long unless otherwise noted.

Scheduling: Remember to consider travel time, as well as class time, when considering a NEVAC class. Classes are 2 hours long. One class period for travel time is ample.

Credits: Occupational education credits are earned based on class hours. Some classes offer equivalency credit (i.e., math, science). Check with Mrs. Johnson in the Career Center.

Costs: None with the exception of Cosmetology and noted lab fees.

Transportation: Students must provide their own reliable transportation.

Availability: Classes operate on a first come, first served space-available basis. Beware of registration deadlines.

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