Are We The Right Fit?

Futures High School is considered a "Choice Alternative School".
We are housed at Juanita High School where our students are able to take a combination of classes to fill their  schedule. This not only enables students to meet graduation standards, but also ready for life beyond high school. 
Some students come to us because they are struggling academically. Usually because of past trauma, family/home insecurity, medical issues, or even bad choices.
Many come to us because they may need some extra social/emotional support.  Some need a place where they are noticed, cared about, and feel like they can make a difference.
When students come to Futures School, they commit to put their past behind them, even if they don't know how. In Futures, we monitor them on an individual basis with more frequent check ins. it is a safe and welcoming environment where students are free to be themselves, and through a relationship with the staff, they grow to their full academic and personal potential. 
Futures classes are smaller in size, highly engaging, rooted in critical thinking, and based in cooperative learning.